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Your Finances Are Our Business

The principles of business management can create successful companies. Those same principles, which steer billion-dollar enterprises, can be applied to personal finances.

At Nelson Financial Partners, we run our clients’ financial lives like a successful business because we believe it works. Our organized and disciplined approach to personal wealth helps give clarity to our clients and a sense of ease because their financial lives are in order.

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ExecuWealth: A Complete Financial Picture in Real Time

We believe so strongly in running personal finance as a business enterprise that we created ExecuWealth™, our proprietary wealth management program. ExecuWealth™ establishes not only a long-range plan based on each client’s goals but a tactical plan that is evaluated and updated each year. We help clients gain a complete and accurate financial picture that supports real-time decision-making.

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Our Clients

Our clients are business-minded individuals and families who thrive on the process and accountability that our ExecuWealth program provides.

Corporate Executives

Career demands can leave corporate executives with little time to work on their personal financial security. We help leverage that valuable time by providing the resources to be financially organized, make informed decisions, maximize executive compensation and benefits, and work from a comprehensive plan designed to build and protect wealth.

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Business Owners

Business owners face unique challenges because their personal and business finances are intertwined. We help our clients potentially increase the value of their balance sheets at home and at work, create strategies to protect their personal and business assets, and plan for a successful business succession.

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Federal Employees

We help federal employees leverage the benefits they began working so hard for on day one of their career. By collaborating with our team, whose credentials include the Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant designation, our clients enjoy the confidence that comes with planning into and through retirement.

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Running Your Personal Financial Life Like a Business


Running a financial life like a business promotes focus and clarity. Find out how to apply the business management principles we use with our own clients to your own wealth.